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Peony Cut Flowers

Historically this farm has had peony plants growing and thriving in the garden. We thank Granny Molly for providing the inspiration for the next generations to root the idea of farming peonies.

Wendy and Neil imported trial plants in 2009 with the idea of seeing if the idea had potential. Her son Andrew loved the idea and saw the potential to grow it into something substantial. He and his wife, Caroline, then started planning, learning and investing to expand the peony project rapidly before they moved to the farm permanently.

We have to import all our peony plants from overseas. It then takes 3 years for our plants to become productive. It's a waiting and nurturing process before we get to share the love that peonies give people. We have white, light pink, dark pink and red varieties.

Our season is quick and intense for the first 3 weeks of November each year. Thus far just the family have picked the flowers however we will start training our staff to assist us from 2017. The pack house is run by Wendy and we are grateful that we get assistance from neighbours during the intense season.

Should you purchase our peonies they will last between 10 and 14 days in the vase. They are thirsty flowers so trim their stems, place them in deep water and top up the water regularly.

Where to find our peonies

 We deal directly with our old customers only.We supply Alsmeer Flowers as our wholesaler in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Speak to Ronnie at Alsmeer Flowers in Johannesburg for supplying Durban. PE Flowers and J&A Flowers wholesale for us in Port Elizabeth. We will try our best to supply East London requests through transport from Queenstown. We also export our peonies. We only take visitors by prior appointment and not during our picking season.

For more information please email: caroline@winterbergfarming.com 

Alsmeer Flowers: www.alsmeer.co.za