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Winterberg Wagyu


Winterberg Wagyu can be traced to the foothills of the Winterberg Mountain Range in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. We live in a unique natural haven nourished by winter snowfalls and summer rainfall. It’s here in these rolling hills that we produce our Wagyu.

The Scott Family have traditionally farmed with Dohne Merino sheep and Angus cattle. In an effort to gain exposure to export markets we decided to diversify into Peony cut flowers and Wagyu genetics and carcuses.

We established a full blood wagyu herd in 2014 with the aim of using these genetics to produce F1 Wagyu/ Angus. Our Fullblood Wagyu have been primarily selected for F1 production traits which include marbling and growth. We have only used imported genetics thus far to grow our herd.

Recently we have joined the Certified Wagyu Breeders of South Africa. This is a group of 6 of the top Wagyu breeders in South Africa.

For more information see:  www.certifiedwagyu.co.za 

We are very positive about the future of Wagyu beef and we will continue growing our fullblood herd to include some of the best genetics available. We will also be building our Wagyu Angus herd by crossing our existing Angus herd with our pedigree genetics. We see the opportunities ahead being providing genetics to new breeders and then ultimately growing with scale to meet the market demand for this exceptional beef. 

For more information on our Wagyu please email:

Andrew: as@winterbergfarming.com