About Winterberg Peonies
Winterberg Farming is peony growing operation located in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Our farm’s climate has proved to be successful growing of these exquisite flowers. 

The quality of the flowers we produce and the varieties we supply are our core focus and we will continue to innovate when it comes to producing new varietals.

Our cut flowers are sold both on the local South African market and internationally. The flower season runs from October through to early December.

Root cultivars and potted peonies are only sold in limited numbers to gardeners. A minimum order of 3 and a maximum or 5 will available in winter 2019. Orders will be couriered to you.

We’re passionate about farming and growing peonies. Winterberg Farming has a reputation for delivering on our promises and only supplying flowers that meet our very exacting standards.



Our peony flower season isn’t long. It normally starts in the first week of November and we can have flowers until mid-December. Each year varies by 2-3 weeks depending on our season’s weather. 

Our colours range is white, light pink, dark pink and red peonies. Please check with us for availability for the 2019 season. 

Each winter we lift and send out peony roots.  We keep a waiting list throughout the year and then contact you first when the roots are ready to send in June – July. 

To successfully grow peonies in your garden you need to live in an area with more than 30-60 days or nights of temperatures below 6* C. Minimum orders are 3 roots and the maximum is 5. Orders will be couriered to you with growing instructions and gardeners are welcome to contact us for advice.

You can add your name to our waiting list and we will contact you to let you know when we have peony roots available for sale.