Winterberg Wagyu can be traced to the foothills of the Winterberg mountain range. We live in a unique natural haven nourished by winter snowfall and summer rainfall in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It’s here, on the rolling hills of Glen Etive farm, that we rear our Wagyu herd.

The Scott family has traditionally farmed with Dohne sheep and Angus cattle. We’ve expanded and diversified our farming operation into producing Wagyu beef and peony flowers, which we sell locally and abroad. 

We started producing full blood Wagyu in 2014, aiming to establish a superior full blood and a Wagyu/Angus cross herd using the best pedigree genetics that exist.

Our selection process is precise and results in outstanding marbling and premium F1, Pure Bred and Full blood carcasses. We research and search the world for the best genetics and have only used imported superior genetics to establish our herd.  Our Full Blood Wagyu has primarily been selected for balanced F1 production traits, which include marbling, milk and growth. We mostly source our genetics from America and Australia.

Winterberg Wagyu is the result of foresight, integrity, care and dedication to produce world class Wagyu beef and genetics. We are very positive about the future of Wagyu beef and will continue growing our herd using the best genetics available.




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We are part of the Certified Wagyu Breeders of SA